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UPVC Spray Painting Caterham

Is the outside of your Caterham home starting to look lacklustre and in need of updating? Are your UPVC windows, doors and fittings dull and tired-looking?

There are several different ways of improving your property, but many homeowners are waking up to the benefits of UPVC spraying.

Revamp Spray is a leading name in UPVC spray painting. We provide a friendly, professional service that can handle any project, big or small. Whatever your spray painting needs, you can be confident that Revamp Spray has the answer, and our Caterham UPVC painters will transform your home.

If UPVC painting isn't something you're familiar with, or you have questions about the process, here's a guide to tell you all you need to know.

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What Is UPVC Spraying?

UPVC spray painting is a relatively modern technique where existing UPVC windows and doors are given a coating of paint. All surfaces that aren't to be painted will be covered up, and special paint is sprayed over the frames using a spray gun to make them look better than brand new.

It's a specialist method that requires an experienced hand to achieve a perfect finish. It also requires professional equipment, such as a good-quality spray gun and the correct type of paint.

This isn't a job that can be completed with a paintbrush or a can of spray paint!

Revamp Spray UPVC painters are highly trained, so you can be assured that they'll do a fantastic job and produce perfect results every time.

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What Are The Benefits Of Spray Painting UPVC?

All plastics, including UPVC and PVC, fade over time due to weathering and the effects of ultraviolet light. After about 20 years, UPVC deteriorates and needs replacing or protection.

Your once gleaming white frames will soon become dull and dirty, colours fade and begin to look tired.

This affects the overall appearance of your home, making it look unattractive. Whether you take great pride in your home and want it to look great, or you are thinking of selling and want to increase kerb appeal, painting UPVC windows and doors can completely transform the exterior of your house.

Here are some of the benefits Revamp Spray UPVC painting services can offer:

Increased lifespan

UPVC painting can add at least ten years to the life of your windows and doors. Some sources suggest that UPVC spray painting could extend the life of your frames by up to thirty years!

Quick and convenient

The spray paint is specially designed to dry quickly and cure within 24 hours. Revamp Spray UPVC painting specialists will cause minimum inconvenience and get the job done swiftly and efficiently.

Change your style

If you fancy a change from the norm, check out the available colour schemes and find the perfect colour for your home. You can easily add character and sophistication (and value) to your house instantly, whether you're looking for a contemporary style or a more classic feel.

Superior quality

Seriously, the results must be seen to be believed. The transformation from old, discoloured UPVC to gleaming new frames is astonishing. It's no exaggeration to say that they look better than the original frames, especially if you choose a different colour.

Tough and durable finish

As well as protecting the surfaces from the adverse effects of weather and ultraviolet light, UPVC paint provides a durable shield against chips and dents that spoil the look. This paint comes with a 10-year guarantee, but is bound to last well beyond this.

A cost-effective solution

UPVC spray painting is significantly cheaper than replacing windows and doors, making it an attractive option for everyone trying to save money in these difficult times. On average, you can save around 80% on the cost of new windows and doors.

It's fair to say that the benefits of UPVC spraying are considerable, and it's easy to see why so many people are choosing this method. The transformation is so good that it could even push up the value of your home.



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UPVC Spray Painting


What Is The Process?

To achieve the best results, Revamp Spray UPVC painters follow a carefully planned process that involves several steps:

Preparing the surface

This is arguably the most important step! If you want the best finish, the surfaces to be spray painted must be clean and dry. Any loose silicone is removed and all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned with solvents to get rid of grime.

The surfaces are then rubbed down with a fine abrasive (without scratching it) to make it smooth and allow the paint to adhere. This ensures a fine, level finish when the paint is dry.

All areas that are not to be sprayed are masked to protect them. Door furnishings and fittings are removed where possible, and everything else is covered. All items such as plants and ornaments are removed or covered with protective sheets.

Spraying the surface

Once the preparation is complete, the Revamp Spray UPVC painters will spray the area carefully to avoid overspray and drips. Setting up the spray gun with your chosen colour can take a while as it's a technical process, but once this is done the entire process doesn't take too long.

Usually, no less than three coats are applied, allowing time between for the paint to dry. Once finished, it takes between twenty and thirty minutes to harden (and around 24 hours to cure fully).

Your Revamp Spray UPVC spray specialists will check the finished work, remove the masking and replace any accessories that were taken off. The work is only completed when the area has been cleared of equipment and any work debris. Our staff will always leave the site clean and tidy.



Can You Paint UPVC Doors?

Yes, UPVC spraying works on any surface, within reason.

However, you can't use ordinary paints and a paintbrush! It's all about producing a high standard of finish. A paintbrush, even in the hands of an expert painter, will leave brush marks, and spray paint from a can just doesn't do the job properly.

Here are some of the ways UPVC spraying can be used:

UPVC doors

Your front door is the feature that people notice most about your house. A grubby and weathered UPVC door looks bad and reflects badly on the occupants. While it might seem unfair, that's just how people are! Other peoples' opinions aside, most homeowners take pride in their property and want them to look their best. This is where UPVC door spraying comes into play.

Garage doors

UPVC garage doors are an excellent, low-maintenance alternative to metal and wood. Even so, whether it's a single or double garage door, this is a big space. When it becomes faded, chipped and dull, it affects the look of the whole house, even if it's not joined to it. This is where garage door spraying comes into play.

UPVC windows

The UPVC window has become a familiar sight since the 1990s. Most construction companies use these as standard, and the majority of UPVC windows are white. While these look great initially, they have an average lifespan of around twenty to twenty-five years. After this time they start to turn yellow and become dull, no matter how much you clean them. This is where UPVC window spraying comes into play.

Exterior House Spraying

Over the years, mould, dirt and grime accumulate, making the walls look grubby and discoloured. Sunlight bleaches out the colour, while rain and wind batter the surface. Frost gets into cracks in masonry, forcing them open and allowing damp to penetrate. These combined attacks not only make the walls look grubby and unappealing, but they also cause a lot of damage. This is where exterior house painting comes into play.

UPVC conservatory spraying

A conservatory is an excellent way to add extra space and value to your home. However, once the UPVC starts to fade, the conservatory begins to look dirty and unattractive. While window frames and doors are relatively easy to reach, and therefore to clean, it takes more effort to reach the top of your conservatory, meaning that it is more likely to become grimy. This is where UPVC conservatory spraying comes into play.

Kitchen respray

As well as transforming the outside of your home, spray painting UPVC kitchen units will revitalise the inside. Rather than replacing your kitchen, you could renew the style and colour with a kitchen respray. This is where our kitchen spraying services come into play.


Many modern porches are made of UPVC, and these can also be sprayed to restore them to their original grand condition.

Fascia boards

Fascias are an essential part of your roof structure, and while UPVC is effective it does degrade over the years. Spray painting UPVC fascias will revitalise and enhance them.


Our uPVC Spraying Services

We provide a whole range of uPVC spraying services and will offer free professional advice to ensure that only the necessary work will be carried out.
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What Colours Can You Get?

It's not easy to get an exact figure, but there are around four hundred different colours of UPVC spray paint to choose from.

Basically, you can take any primary colour and create a variety of shades and tones. You might also want a change of style, with a matte, satin or gloss finish.

Many people choose to have two colours, giving a beautifully sophisticated appearance. Your front door becomes welcoming and cheerful, and your windows crisp and bright.

Anthracite grey is one of the most popular colours today, lending a smart, contemporary feel to any property.

Whatever colour and style of UPVC paint you desire, Revamp Spray will strive to find the perfect match.

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Can I Do This Myself?

It's possible, but you need the right type of paint, the correct equipment, and an expert eye for detail. If you don't know what you're doing, you could end up with poor results and ruin your UPVC windows and doors. On top of this disappointment, you'll need to call the professionals to repair what you've done.

The idea is to produce a factory finish, which few people will be able to achieve without training and experience. You won't get a good finish using spray paint in aerosol cans, as this doesn't have adequate pressure. Neither will you get far using most brands of plastic paint. Professional UPVC painters are specific brands that are designed for the task.

Revamp Spray UPVC sprayers are trained to a high degree and have the skills to achieve the perfect finish that everyone wants the first time round.

A professional service always provides better results than trying to do this by yourself, so why give yourself the hassle and frustration?


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How Much Does UPVC Spray Painting Cost?

The total UPVC spraying cost will depend on the size of the project. It's impossible to give accurate prices without assessing the scale of the job and factoring in any potential difficulties. Suggestions on various websites can be misleading, offering unrealistic prices and adding extras later.

Here are a few factors that affect the cost:

Ease of access

If windows are difficult to reach it may be necessary to use scaffolding to provide easier access, which adds to the cost. The safety of our workers is paramount and all working areas must be safe at all times.

The number of opening windows

Windows that open up need more work as our UPVC restoration experts need to spray the edges that will be exposed when the window is opened. This tricky process takes time, therefore adding to the cost.

The item being sprayed

Some projects take more work. A garage door is much bigger than your front door, so will naturally cost more.

Repairs prior to spraying

Cracks and holes may need filling, or the finished result won't be smooth. These repairs are usually added to the final UPVC spraying cost.

Additional items

If you opt to have your gutters, drainpipes, fascias, porches, conservatory etc. painted, this will all increase the overall price.

Revamp Spray UPVC restoration specialists can provide a free quote on all jobs, from a single UPVC door, a garage door, or your entire house.

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Take The Next Step

Now you know the basics, you can see how our Caterham UPVC spraying service can benefit you.

You can give your home the makeover it needs, at a fraction of the cost of many other options. UPVC restoration is a common sense solution that offers results that exceed its cost by a long way.

Our professional team at Revamp Spray are waiting to hear from you to discuss your project and get a free quote for your UPVC spraying cost. We can help you choose from the exciting range of different colours and to decide the best use of UPVC spraying for maximum effect.

The Revamp Spray UPVC sprayers are ready to transform your home, so why not call us today?

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UPVC Spray Painting Caterham FAQs

How long does spray paint on uPVC last?

UPVC spray paint can last more than 10 years which is why we are comfortable providing a 10 year guarantee on our UPVC spray painting services.

Is spray painting uPVC any good?

Yes, spray painting uPVC is a great way of revamping your windows, doors or furniture significantly cheaper than the replacement cost.

Is it worth spray painting UPVC windows?

It is worth spray painting a UPVC window because it can cost as little as £150 per window which is substantially cheaper than replacing a window which can cost 2-3 times that amount on the cheaper end.

Is it worth spray painting UPVC doors?

It is worth spray painting a UPVC door because it can cost as little as £150 per door which is substantially cheaper than replacing a UPVC door which can cost 3-6 times that amount on the cheaper end.

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