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Exterior House Painting Manchester

The exterior walls of your Manchester home have two major enemies: time and weather.

Over the years, mould, dirt and grime accumulate, making the walls look grubby and discoloured. Sunlight bleaches out the colour, while rain and wind batter the surface. Frost gets into cracks in masonry, forcing them open and allowing damp to penetrate.

These combined attacks not only make the walls look grubby and unappealing, but they also cause a lot of damage.

Our Commitment To You

Revamp Spray exterior house painters know all about this problem, and we are committed to providing an effective long-term solution. Our professional house spray painters will transform your exterior walls with a fresh coat of paint, making them look fantastic and protecting them for many years to come.

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Revamp Spray Exterior House Painters Manchester

Let's start by telling you a bit about who we are and what we do.

Revamp Spray is a leading name in the spray painting business, with highly-trained specialists who can handle any spray painting job, indoors or outdoors. We use our expertise to revitalise windows, doors, kitchens, furniture, garage doors, conservatories, shop fronts, garage doors, and interior walls as well as the exterior walls of your home.

We work with the best paint brands in the industry to ensure a high standard of work and a perfect, long-lasting finish every time.

If you are in need of help with exterior house painting, then Revamp Spray offers a service you can trust.

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Why Spray Paint A House Exterior?

There are many advantages to spray painting as opposed to using a brush or a roller.

We'll explore the benefits in a moment, but first, we'll look at why so many people are opting to have their exterior walls sprayed.

Although buildings suffer from the effects of weathering, it's not only about repairing and preserving your house. For many people, it's a simple case of home improvements.

You might be happy with your home, but you perhaps fancy a change of colour. Maybe you feel that your home needs to be re-energised by an infusion of colour, or a different style?

Whatever the reason, Revamp Spray will help you achieve your dream.

A Dramatic Transformation

Exterior house painting dramatically improves the appearance of any property, instantly transforming it from drab and dreary, to fresh, vibrant and contemporary.

Whether it's for your own benefit, or to boost kerb appeal if you're selling your home, spray painting is a cost-effective means of radically improving the outside of your house.

The key to successful exterior painting is to only employ experts, and that's why Revamp Spray is the right choice.

But Why Spray Paint?

Modern technology has significantly improved spraying equipment in recent years, making it an attractive alternative to traditional methods of painting. The process is much quicker - especially over large areas - and gives far better results.

In the past, some spray guns wasted litres of paint that drifted and was lost in the air. This would also cause problems by drifting onto nearby items that weren't covered. Airless spray paint systems solve this problem by ensuring that 99.9% of the paint sticks to the wall surface.

A Super-Efficient System

This makes it much more efficient, significantly less wasteful, and quicker. The nozzles are also wider than they previously were, allowing for an even application over a wider area, which speeds up the process even further. You also have far more control over how much paint you use.

Added to the rapid drying times of the high-quality coatings (that are far superior to traditional masonry paint), this makes the whole process much more appealing than the other methods.



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What Are The Benefits Of Spray Painting Exterior Walls?

We've already learned that our method beats using a brush and a roller - when done by professional painters, but what are the benefits?

Let's take a look:

A Great Choice For Many Different Surfaces

Revamp Spray only uses the best paint brands in the business. These high-quality paints can be used on rendered walls, wood, UPVC, brickwork, masonry, pebble dash and stucco.

The beauty of using professional spray painting equipment, particularly when in the hands of a Revamp Spray expert, is that you get smooth, even coverage, which is great for uneven surfaces like heavy pebble dash.

You are highly unlikely to get into those deep gaps with a roller or paintbrush without using an excessive amount of paint and causing drips and runs down the walls.

Flexible, Fast, Reliable Service

When compared to using brushes and rollers, a spray painting project is usually completed in a fraction of the time. Revamp Spray specialist exterior painters won't rush the job but their skill, along with the high-quality equipment, allows them to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

We will fit around your schedule and endeavour to cause minimum disruption. It's not easy to put an exact time on a job without knowing the full details, but you can rest assured that we won't stay on site any longer than is necessary. Our teams may need to erect scaffolding to allow a safe working environment, which will add to the time taken. However, we will never compromise on this issue, as the safety of our staff, as well as the public, is our number one priority.

An Excellent Finish Every Time

With Revamp Spray, you can be confident of a flawless finish with every house painting project.

The results speak for themselves, as hundreds of satisfied customers will confirm. The key to our success is that our technicians carefully prepare the surface and skillfully mask the areas that aren't sprayed. This gives a crisp, precise finish with even coverage.

An Excellent Range Of Colours And Textures

Whatever colour you have in mind, we can make it happen. There are several options regarding texture, so be sure to ask about these when you call.

You can give us a clue about which colour you like using our RAL colour chart.

The outside of your house reflects your personality, so feel free to be as bold and as expressive as you want to! You can impress others with a futuristic style, or a cultured, civilised look. Vibrant colours display flair and charisma, while darker tones hint at mystique and charm.

This is your project, so have some fun with it! Our friendly team is on hand to offer guidance if and when you need it.

Tough, Durable Protection

Our specialist coatings are designed to withstand the worst of weather, protecting your house exterior for years. The weatherproof quality of the paint will guard against damage (including penetrating damp), saving you money on repairs. Our coatings are up to twenty times thicker than most masonry paint, making them ideal for exterior painting.

Extended Lifespan

We believe that these high-quality coatings will last for between fifteen and twenty years, which is why we offer an extensive guarantee.

Whatever colour you choose, it will remain fresh and vibrant long into the future, so you won't need to deal with flaky paint ever again!

A Cost-Effective Solution

Revamp Spray exterior house painting makes good financial sense, as it will add value to your home. And that's good news, whether you are planning to sell or not!

Giving your home a makeover lifts the atmosphere of the local neighbourhood. It will make your house exterior stand out from the rest, maybe even inducing 'house envy' in your neighbours.

In addition, it has been proved that residential areas that appear well kept are less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviour, such as petty vandalism and crime. Taking pride in our homes is one way of investing in the local community.

Costly Alternatives

There are other alternatives, such as cladding or rendering. You could even search for traditional decorators among local tradespeople. However, none of these options offer the same benefits or value for money as spray painting your home's exterior walls.



Exterior House Painting Manchester : What's The Process?

Every job starts with a careful inspection of the site to get an idea of scale and to allow for any health and safety issues to be addressed. As we already indicated, safety is our priority, whether staff or the general public.

Working at height presents hazards and risks that have to be taken into account. All of our staff are trained to handle this and hold appropriate certification for specific pieces of equipment.

Once this has been done, each project follows a similar plan:


Having inspected the site, the team will erect any equipment they need to access upper levels.

Revamp Spray exterior house painting specialists always ensure that the surface is adequately prepared and ready for painting. If necessary, they will undertake any repair work, such as filling holes or cracks with an appropriate material.

When this has set, any loose dirt and cobwebs are brushed off. Loose, flaking paint is removed, and the walls are thoroughly cleaned to remove mould, algae, mildew, moss, bird droppings, and grime.

Masking The Area

Any other areas not to be sprayed (windows, frames, sills, doors, fascias, etc.) are masked carefully to avoid overspray. Any moveable items nearby, like garden ornaments, pot plants, etc. are removed if possible. Anything that can't be moved will be covered with protective sheets.

Drifting spray is rarely a problem, but our team doesn't take any chances.

If necessary, a primer or stabilising solution is applied to the wall surface to provide better adhesion. This ensures that the paint sticks immediately, limiting the risk of runs.

The spray painting equipment is prepared with the right type of paint in the colour of your choice and the machine is adjusted to suit the surface type. Our experienced technicians know which of the specialist coatings work best on each type of material.

Spray Painting

Revamp Spray exterior painters will then begin spraying the walls. They will apply two or three coats, allowing time to dry in between. The professional spray painting equipment ensures that almost all of the paint sticks to the wall and there is minimal drift or overspray.

Final Inspection And Tidy Up

When the job is complete, the team will inspect the work before removing all masking tape and protective sheeting. They will clear away all equipment, tools and debris to leave the working area clean and tidy.

Revampspray exterior house painting whats the process

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Why Choose Revamp Spray For Your Painting Project?

Decorating the outside of your house is something you could conceivably do yourself. However, it's not a job that most people look forward to.

Using a brush or roller can be tedious and gruelling work, and you rarely (if ever) get the same results. In addition, this will involve working up a ladder, which adds a significant element of risk.

DIY Spraying?

Of course, you could use a spray gun, but without professional equipment, proper training and experience, you might run into problems. And although you can buy spraying equipment at DIY stores, these aren't up to the same standards as the brands we use.

This is why most people hire a professional decorator rather than tackle the task themselves!

Revamp Spray's specialist house spray painters have the required skills and experience to ensure that any problems are easily overcome. They also use equipment of a very high standard, which few hobby DIY enthusiasts would be able to justify buying.

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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House Exterior?

The overall cost will vary depending on the size and scale of the job. When you compare costs among professional painters, you'll find that they vary considerably. Some charge hourly rates, while others charge by the day or week.

You need to consider the labour cost as well as materials, and whether scaffolding is required. Naturally, the size of the house is a major factor: a terraced house will obviously be cheaper than a large detached home, especially if you are having the entire house painted.

Call Us For A Quote

So, the cost of painting your house depends on a range of factors that we will only know once you have called and spoken to our team. When you do call, they will offer advice about colours and provide a free quote.

You can get an approximate idea of the cost from our main website, but it's always better to have a precise figure to help you budget properly.

What Revamp Spray will guarantee is that our prices are fair and reflect the quality of our service.

Planning Permission?

It's important to note that you may need permission from the local authorities to have your home painted if it is a listed building or in a conservation area. Please arrange this well before booking your house painting session.


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Call Revamp Spray Today

The Revamp Spray specialist house painting team is awaiting your call right now.

You've seen exactly how our exterior house painting service can transform your home, so why not take the next step?

Whatever your situation, whether you want to revitalise your home's exterior because you just fancy a change of colour, or your outside walls are weathered and damaged, Revamp Spray will get your house sorted in no time.

Our helpful and friendly team will offer advice about colours and guide you every step of the way to get the outside of your house looking better than ever before.

Exterior House Painting Manchester FAQs

How long does a sprayed house exterior last?

Getting a house exterior sprayed can last more than 10 years which is why we are comfortable providing a 10 year guarantee on our home exterior spraying service.

Is it worth it to paint the outside of your house?

Painting the outside of your house is a great way of knocking decades off the appearance of your home and far cheaper than having your whole house rendered. It can also be used to paint over existing rendering.

Can you spray a house exterior in winter?

A house exterior should not really be painted below 8 degrees celsius because it can hinder the drying process. There is also the risk of morning dew which can hinder the final finish but it depends on the project length and general weather on the day.

Is it better to brush or spray paint a house?

It is better to spray paint a house exterior because it gives a much better coverage and finish, it is also a lot faster and uses less paint.

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