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Furniture Spray Painters Aylesham

Is your old furniture starting to look worse for wear? Everyday life can take its toll on chairs, tables, bookcases, dressers and furniture of all kinds. They get scratched and chipped or begin to look tired and outdated.

Years of dusting and polishing painted surfaces can make them discoloured and dull. Or they might simply look unfashionable and no longer fit in with your modern decor.

So, what can you do about it? You could replace all your furniture, which could be costly.

Alternatively, you could contact Revamp Spray furniture spray painting services and we'll completely transform your old furniture and make it look like new!

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Revamp Spray Furniture Painters Aylesham

When you want to rejuvenate your furniture, Revamp Spray furniture spray painting services is the name to trust.

Our highly-trained spray paint specialists are guaranteed to produce the best results on every project they tackle.

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Can You Spray Paint Wood Furniture?

A Revamp Spray specialist paint sprayer can handle all your projects, whatever the material involved.

We can apply spray paint to metal, plastic, glass, UPVC, PVC, MDF and solid wood furniture. While some surfaces require special treatment, our specialists have the training and experience to deal with them competently and professionally.



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Why Spray Paint Furniture?

Let's look at the benefits of furniture spray painting over replacement or hand painting:

Cheaper Than Replacement

Replacing your furniture could cost you a fair amount of money. Furniture spraying is a cost-effective solution that lets you keep your favourite items and upgrade them. They look good as new (and in many cases, better!) but without the expense.

Less Hassle Than Hand Painting

Hand stripping, sanding and repainting your furniture using a brush isn't a lot of fun. It's a difficult, thankless, frustrating and messy job! You need the time, the space, and the patience to do this. And let's be honest, nobody really enjoys this task. Why hand paint furniture when we can spray paint it for you?

An Excellent Range Of Colours And Styles

There are hundreds of colours to choose from, as well as a range of finishes and special effects. Whatever your theme or design, there's bound to be a colour or style to match! Speak to us today to discuss your ideas and we'll work together to achieve your desired look.

You can give us a clue about which colour you like using our RAL colour chart.

A Factory Finish Every Time

Revamp Spray uses the best quality spray paints to achieve a perfectly smooth finish on each item. Our furniture spray paint specialists ensure that every paint job is flawless with even coverage all over.

Speed And Convenience

The whole process is undertaken quickly and efficiently, and your furniture looks amazing in no time at all. Better still, the high-quality paint we use is touch-dry in about 10 minutes after the last coat is applied, and will completely cure within an hour or two. Our professional airless sprayers enable us to apply more paint over a wide area, speeding up the process.

It's Kinder For The Environment

In a time when we are more conscious of how our lifestyles affect the planet, spray painting your furniture is a greener choice. Instead of adding to the carbon footprint of the global distribution network with new furniture being transported long distances (and the possibility of discarded wooden furniture being burned) and the manufacture of new items, you can renovate and upcycle your existing furniture.

Durable Finish

Our paints are tough and durable! We only use the best paints, which are scratch-resistant, UV light-resistant, and waterproof.

You can rest assured that they'll protect your furniture for a long time and still look amazing.



The Spray Painting Process

Depending on what items are to be sprayed and any other practicalities, furniture is either sprayed on-site or removed to our workshop. Our collection and delivery service is all part of the job,

Whatever the case, spraying must take place out of direct sunlight. Working outside your home may not be possible on a windy day as it may carry the spray paint. If the team are able to work outside, they will cover any nearby items as a precaution.

Once the items to be painted have been selected, the team get to work.

  • Preparation. Good preparation is the foundation of any successful job. This starts with a thorough cleaning of all surfaces to be sprayed. Once the surface is clean and dry, the Revamp Spray team will make any necessary repairs, filling any scratches or cracks. If necessary, the team will sand the surface and apply a primer. In most cases, a primer is not needed as our high-quality paints do the job well enough, although this extra step is taken if the item has a very dark finish. The surface is wiped down to remove any residual dust.
  • Removing the fittings. Handles, hinges, and all external fittings are removed to protect them. New fixtures can be fitted, and this should be arranged beforehand as we may need to fill old holes and drill new ones.
  • Masking. Any sections, surfaces or fittings that can't be removed or are not to be sprayed are covered with masking tape to ensure the best results. The aim is to make the furniture look as if it was always this colour!
  • The Items Are Spray Painted. This requires precision and skill, and this is where Revamp Spray excels. Our expert furniture painters apply a base coat that acts as a primer, followed by two more light coats of paint, allowing time to dry between coatings.

Finishing Up. Your Revamp Spray team will check that all items are dry before removing the masking tape and returning them to your home. If work takes place on site, they will clear away all equipment and ensure that the area is tidy.


Our uPVC Spraying Services

We provide a whole range of uPVC spraying services and will offer free professional advice to ensure that only the necessary work will be carried out.
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Take The Next Step!

You've seen all the benefits, so why not call Revamp Spray for your next project? Getting your furniture spray painted will save you money and give your furniture a makeover that looks better than new. Instead of buying new items, you can upgrade your old furniture to help it fit in with modern decor or classic styles. Whatever your theme, we'll find a colour and style to match it.

We are happy to discuss any ideas, colour schemes and designs you have.

Revamp Spray can help turn your dream into reality, so call us today!

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Furniture Spray Painters Aylesham FAQs

How long does sprayed furniture last?

Resprayed furniture can last more than 10 years which is why we are comfortable providing a 10 year guarantee on our furniture spraying service.

Is it worth spray painting my furniture?

It is worth spray painting your furniture because it can be up to 80% cheaper than replacing a furniture item. It is also a good way to change the theme of a room's interior.

Is it better to spray or paint furniture?

It is better to spray paint your furniture because it gives a much better coverage and finish, it is also a lot faster and uses less paint.

Can you spray wooden furniture and laminate furniture?

Yes you can indeed spray paint wooden furniture and laminate and it will totally transform the look of your furniture with a new fresh feel.

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