How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

How Much Does It Cost To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets
24 October 2022

Kitchen cabinets are functional, but they should also look good too. If your existing kitchen doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll likely feel bored or let down by this space. If your kitchen cupboards or drawers have seen better days, you have options to revitalise or replace them, and you don’t always need to buy new cabinets.

Spray painting your kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective solution compared to buying new ones for most people, but it is still a cost to consider.

This guide takes you through the upfront and additional costs of hiring a paint sprayer, both yourself or hiring a professional, and will hopefully help you determine how much it costs to spray paint kitchen cabinets and cupboard doors, and whether you should take this approach.

Why Respray Your Kitchen Cabinet As Opposed To Buying New Kitchen Cabinets?

If your current kitchen cabinets have seen better days, replacing them is important, but you have options to consider. The cost of respraying kitchen cabinets is more affordable than installing new cabinets. In some cases, you can save up to 70% when respraying, ensuring you enjoy a great new look at an affordable price.

You have huge options for colour, design and finish when it comes to respraying kitchen cabinets, so it is not as if you are limited by this decision.

Enjoy A Green Kitchen Regardless Of What Colour You Choose

Also, many homeowners are keen to recycle responsibly, so getting further use of existing cabinets rather than buying new ones is a smart choice for many households.

What Is The Industry Average For Kitchen Cabinet Spray Paint Services?

The following information is provided by Checkatrade, as of October 2022.

Our prices differ depending on the size of your project and type of materials/finish. We could be less than this figure, we could be more so it's best to email for a real quote.

An average cost of a kitchen respray project is between £800 and £1,000 with standard wooden cabinet repaints costing around £80. With a wooden larder cabinet facing, the cost is higher, around £100, and for the facing of a wooden integrated appliance, the cost is around £80. The same prices are expected for acrylic cabinets and acrylic cabinet facings.

Speak With Experts Before Committing

Be sure to request at least three estimates from professionals, as this helps you make an informed decision over the total cost. You might receive a different standard of service from each firm, which means the best price isn't necessarily the best value for money option.

What Factors Influence The Cost Of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets?

Of course, while it is good to know the average cost of spray painting kitchen cabinets and cupboards, many factors influence the overall cost. This is why it is best to have a professional price the work for you. Whether you have a large kitchen or small kitchen, the costs will vary, and prices should include all the work completed.

With this estimate, or by comparing a number of quotes, you can make an informed decision as to who to hire, or whether you should spray paint kitchen cabinets yourself.

Consider Many Factors When Pricing Kitchen Improvements

Factors to consider for costs include:

  • The size of cabinets in your kitchen
  • The number of cabinets you want repainted
  • The condition of cupboard doors and old kitchen cabinets, including existing holes
  • The materials used for your cabinets
  • How complex the cabinets are
  • How accessible your kitchen is
  • The colours you wish to use
  • The quality of spray paint you wish to use
  • The correct paint for the work, say high gloss paint
  • Any equipment used during the spray paint process
  • Any preparation work
  • The general cost of hiring professionals in your area

Professionals in different areas have different standard charges, so a homeowner in one part of the country might pay more to hire a spray painter, even for similar work.

Should I DIY My Kitchen Cabinets?

Given the cost of hiring a spray painter, it is inevitable some people will decide to spray paint their kitchen cabinets themselves, but this isn’t always a good idea.

Does The Cost Of Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets Depend On Colours?

If the colour you've chosen for your kitchen cabinets or cupboards is straightforward, such as grey, there is unlikely to be any additional charge for the project or service.

However, if you want to match kitchen furniture or you need a specialist colour when painting a kitchen door, you might find this increases the cost of the project.

It Can Be Hard To Match Colours

Mixing colours can be a time-consuming task, and it is vital to get it right. It is an additional job in the kitchen painting process, and as such, it wouldn't be a surprise to see it increase the cost of the complete job.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Spray Painter For Your Kitchen

A professional spray painter, who works with these materials and fittings regularly, is more likely to do a good standard of work. You want your cabinets to look great, and it stands to reason a skilled and experienced professional is better equipped to do a great job.

You'll enjoy smoother coverage and faster preparation, which is helpful in gaining access to your whole kitchen sooner rather than later. An expert has experience in mixing paints to get the right colour, and knowing how to replace doors and a cabinet when painting.

Reduce The Likelihood Of Human Error

With human error less likely in a skilled professional, you cannot expect the same results when you paint kitchen doors and a cabinet compared to an expert.

A professional painter is also likely to have specialist equipment which:

  • Improves the standard of work
  • Speeds up the process without compromising the quality of work, perhaps by several days
  • Has a cost that is included in the overall work, as opposed to the cost of you hiring or buying spray painting equipment

Also, hiring a professional saves you time, which you can put to better use on more existing projects.

Is Hand Painting Better Than Spray Painting?

Choosing between a handed painted finish and spray painting is often down to personal taste. The finished appearance is slightly different between the two, so if you prefer one style over another, this might be the option to choose.

The biggest difference between hand painting and spray painting is the time taken to complete a task. Understandably, spray paint work is faster, which reduces labour costs over a large project.

However, hand painting is more intricate, and can allow for a more detailed finish. It can also leave room for hinges and openings, which is crucial. There is no point in having a stunning looking cabinet or doors if you cannot open it easily!

Reduced Labour Costs Doesn't Always Save Money In A Pricing System

Doing the work yourself, including prep work, can be time consuming, so it is easy to see why people opt for experts to carry out kitchen resprays. Hand painting is an option, but it can be tiring, and when you hand paint kitchen cupboards, the finish can look patchy and uneven.

A specialist is also better placed to review the condition of your cabinets, and inform you about potential problems. If there is a significant issue, it is better to hear about it early, and resolve it before it becomes a problem, as opposed to having to deal with a major problem.

A high quality service increases the cost to spray paint UPVC, but for many households, it will be worth it to see their kitchen units and doors look great.

How To Hire A Kitchen Spraying Expert?

If you want an expert to paint your kitchen cupboards and manage kitchen resprays, consider these tips:

  • Look for excellent customer reviews
  • Ask friends, family members and colleagues for reviews on work completed with their kitchen cupboards
  • Speak to professionals and obtain rough estimates

By taking these steps, you can have a brand new kitchen at an affordable price, without the stress of having a new kitchen fitted. Knowing how much it costs to paint units, drawers, doors and cupboards helps you decide on how the kitchen painting process should occur.

Your kitchen is central to your everyday life, and what you want and expect from your kitchen might differ greatly from others. Functionality is essential, but many households care about how their kitchen looks, and how the space feels.

If you want a cupboard door to match your furniture, even if it is just a simple grey, blue or green, then it matters to you.

Get The Doors And Cabinets Your Kitchen Deserves

Given the cost of replacing cabinets, it is easy to see why many homeowners and landlords opt to upgrade and paint a door or cupboard rather than replacing it, but the benefits associated with hiring a professional spray painter is often more than enough to offset the additional cost.

The latest industry averages provide you with a ballpark figure, which is useful when planning work. However, it is best to speak with professionals for a more realistic cost estimate and time-frame for the work.

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