Vinyl-Wrapped Kitchens Or Spray-Painted Kitchens?

Vinyl-Wrapped Kitchens Or Spray-Painted Kitchens
25 October 2022

When your kitchen cupboards begin to look worn out or unfashionable, or you simply want a change of colour, there are several options open to you.

You could have the cupboard doors and drawer fronts replaced. You might go as far as having a whole new kitchen fitted. Or, you could opt for spray painting or vinyl wrapping.

There's a lot to be said for the last two options, as they are significantly cheaper than the others and they both offer stunning results. But what exactly are they, and which is the better choice?

Revamp Spray is a leading name in kitchen upgrades, with a wealth of professional knowledge and experience in all things related to spray painting and vinyl wrapping.

Here's a comparison between the two methods to help you decide which is best.

Spray Painting

As you may have guessed, this kind of spray paint doesn't come in aerosol cans. Reputable decorating specialists like Revamp Spray use professional-grade equipment and high-quality paints to coat your kitchen cupboards.

We come to your house (or business) and spray paint your existing kitchen cabinets, plinths, wine racks, drawer fronts, shelves, etc.

Any parts that can be removed (kitchen doors, plinths, kickboards, etc.) are taken to our workshop for spraying. The rest is sprayed in situ, and the area is carefully masked to prevent overspray. You will be unable to use your kitchen while these parts are being sprayed, but this process won't take very long.

The paint is touch dry in around thirty minutes, and three coats are generally considered adequate.

Before any of this takes place, all surfaces are given a deep clean to remove grease and dirt, and any loose old paint is stripped. They are also sanded lightly as this helps the paint to stick.

Some customers choose replacement knobs and handle, as this offers a completely new look. We will fit these during the spraying process and ensure that the old holes are filled if we need to drill new ones.

All the removable parts are fitted back into your kitchen and the work is complete, usually within a couple of days (or up to a week for large projects).

Kitchen spraying gives a flawless finish every time - if you use a trustworthy company like Revamp Spray! Also, there's a fantastic range of colours, and you can choose a matte, satin or gloss finish.

Key Benefits:

  • It's a quick process
  • There's minimal disruption
  • The smooth factory finish is perfect
  • Between 50-80% cheaper than a new kitchen
  • Amazing choice of colours
  • Durable paint surface that looks great and lasts for at least a decade

Vinyl Wrapping

There are two basic types of vinyl wrap; adhesive and heat activated, although the adhesive version is more commonly used.

Essentially, both come in rolls and are usually applied to MDF surfaces, although they can also work well on solid timber.

Cutting the vinyl wrap to size and sticking it on properly requires a steady hand and a degree of skill and patience that few DIYers possess, which is why most people leave this process to the experts.

The work follows a similar procedure to a kitchen spraying session. The surfaces are cleaned and repaired as required, fixtures and fittings are removed, and the wrap is applied to the kitchen cupboards or wherever else needs revitalising.

While some companies will cut and apply the vinyl wrap on-site, others will remove the cupboard doors (or any other removable parts) and take them to a nearby workshop.

The entire job usually takes two or three days (again, depending on the size of the kitchen and what you want covering).

While spray paint is available in many colours, vinyl wrap allows you to choose from a host of textures and designs, giving you much more choice in terms of upgrading your kitchen cupboards.

Key Benefits:

  • A huge range of colours, effects and finishes
  • A quick turnaround
  • Minimal disruption
  • It can easily be peeled off and replaced at a later date
  • A durable finish (possibly lasting up to a decade)
  • A fantastic new look
  • A low-cost alternative (generally cheaper than a kitchen spray)

Vinyl Wrap Or Spray Paint - Which Is Best?

So, your kitchen units are looking tired and out of date. Maybe they're scratched and scuffed, or the colour just doesn't appeal anymore.

Do you book a kitchen respray, or get a vinyl wrap?

Essentially, it comes down to your budget and your preference. It also depends on which company you choose to undertake the work.

If you employ a reputable contractor to apply your vinyl wrap, then you could save money. It's a great method of improving your home without paying out for a complete refit. However, there's still a chance that the wrap will peel, regardless of the company's reputation. Peeling is a fairly common problem with this method, as some types of vinyl react to heat, particularly those situated by domestic appliances.

Also, although it is pretty hardwearing, vinyl wrap is more prone to being scratched. And if your spray paint does get scratched it's much easier to fix the problem with a touch-up spray of the same colour than it is to cover damage on vinyl wrapping.

The Verdict

On balance, Revamp Spray recommends spray painting over vinyl wrapping, although both clearly have their advantages. Spray painting offers more benefits, a tougher finish, and overall higher quality than a vinyl wrap.

The key to getting the best results from either method is to choose a trustworthy, reputable company, so always check reviews and select wisely.

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