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Shop Front Spraying Caterham

Designing and maintaining a perfect shopfront in Caterham is an essential part of running a successful business. This is where your potential customers will form their first impression of your company, and it needs to make a positive impact.

The outward appearance should present a welcoming, inviting, friendly, and professional image that will draw people in. Any seasoned business owner knows that getting customers in through the door is one of the biggest challenges! Revamp Spray recognises this fact, which is why we offer a shop front spraying service that will bring results.

So, whether you're a startup business looking to establish a foothold, rebranding your business, or simply want to revitalise your premises, we have the answer.

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Shop Front Spraying services


Shop Front Spraying Services Caterham

If you're not familiar with this service, we'll explain briefly to give you a better idea.

Revamp Spray offers Caterham on-site spraying services where we send a team of highly trained spray painting specialists to your premises. They will prepare the areas to be sprayed and work efficiently and quickly, applying a coating of paint using professional spray guns.

All spraying projects are different, depending on the client's needs and materials involved, but the team can paint window frames, roller shutters, and UPVC shop fronts.

Our paint spraying service can also be used to give new life to timber, aluminium windows, masonry, or PVC surfaces.

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What Are The Benefits?

Revamp Spray shop front spraying is an attractive solution for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

A Cost-Effective Solution

Whatever stage you're at in your Caterham business adventure, the last thing you need is the heavy cost of rebranding or refurbishment. Revamp Spray provides cost-effective shop front spraying for your commercial property that's significantly less expensive than any other option.

In fact, we are confident that you'll find our services surprisingly affordable considering the high standards we consistently achieve.

Ten Year Guarantee

All our paint spraying work comes with a ten-year guarantee to give you peace of mind. You can be confident that your store will look fantastic for at least a decade. We have faith in our specialist coatings as well as in the professional paint sprayers we employ.

Tough And Durable Finish

We work with the best paints in the trade and follow precise methods to ensure the durability of the finished product. The best finish can only be achieved through maintaining high standards, and this is something Revamp Spray prides itself on.

Our shop front spraying services provide a factory finish every time. This is far superior to anything that can be gained using a brush or roller. The methods we use make shop fronts look as if they were just installed.

Internal And External Options

As well as transforming the exterior of your Caterham store, we also handle the interior if you wish. We will ensure that the outside and inside of your premises complement each other perfectly. Naturally, this will take more time and add to the overall cost, but the results will speak for themselves.

Convenient Working Hours

We can arrange to work outside of business hours so there is no disruption to your working day. You won't need to close early or inconvenience your customers, so there is no loss to your business.

Quick And Efficient Application

Our professional shop front spraying team will typically complete the work within a couple of days, depending on the surface area to be sprayed. This is a much quicker turnaround than refurbishment and causes minimal disruption to your business.

However, a Revamp Spray specialist paint sprayer never rushes any job; they aim to produce quality results every time. They are able to complete the task quickly due to teamwork and the use of top brand paints. The first coat acts as a primer, which saves valuable time.

Excellent Range Of Colours

Whether you're looking to refresh the existing theme or would prefer a complete colour change, we can help you. You can choose from the hundreds of colours on our RAL colour chart, or we can mix a custom colour to make your shop front really stand out from the rest.

For optimum results, you can choose either a satin, gloss or matte finish, depending on the image and atmosphere you wish to create around your brand.

Revamp Spray shop front spraying


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What Is Involved In Spray Painting?

All work performed by Revamp Spray specialist spray painters will be carried out with safety in mind. This applies to every project without exception.

When they arrive onsite, the procedure goes as follows:

  • Barriers are placed around the shop front to allow a safe working area.
  • All surfaces not to be sprayed are masked to protect them from overspray.
  • Areas that are to be coated are cleaned, thoroughly degreased, and sanded to provide adhesion.
  • Paint spraying begins, with the first coat acting as a primer. Two further coats are applied, allowing time to dry in between.
  • All masking materials, barriers and equipment are removed.

The team inspects the results and checks the site one final time to ensure that it is clean, tidy and safe before leaving.



Why Choose Revamp Spray?

If you want the best results, you need a competent, professional paint sprayer. After all, you are depending on this process to bring more customers into your shop.

Hiring unqualified or inexperienced tradespeople for shop front spraying is a risk that you can't afford to take. Not only will the finish be poor, but you may also need to pay out more money to have errors and bad workmanship corrected, on top of having the job done properly.

On the whole, it's best to engage fully-trained specialist contractors in the first place. And Revamp Spray is happy to be of service.


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Your Next Steps

If you're planning a refit, rebranding, or you simply want a change of colour, call Revamp Spray now to discuss your options, find some advice and get a free quote.

Whether it's wood, plastic, metal or brick, our shop front spraying service will transform your window frames and doors. Your shop front will look better than ever.

In these challenging times, you need every advantage to stay ahead of the competition. Attractive shop fronts act as a magnet, drawing in potential customers. We will help you to gain that advantage by making your shop front stand out from the crowd.

With Revamp Spray, you can achieve the look of a complete refurbishment, without the expense.

Call us today to find out how you can give your business the boost it deserves, and save money in the process.

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Shop Front Spraying Caterham FAQs

How long does a sprayed shop front last?

Spray painted shop fronts can last more than 10 years which is why we are comfortable providing a 10 year guarantee on our shop front spraying and commercial unit spraying service.

Can you paint over old signage?

Yes you can paint over old shop front signs, spray painted shop fronts will have an increased lifespan and durability. Each type of shop front requires a specific technique that our spray painters are experts in.

Can I paint my shop front?

Yes painting your shop front is a cheap way to totally transform the look of your business either for a freshen up or a complete rebrand. Our spray painting specialists can tackle any size shop front or design.

Is it better to brush or spray paint my shop front?

It is better to spray paint a shop front signage both exterior and interior because it gives a much better coverage and finish, it is also a lot faster and uses less paint.

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