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UPVC Window Spraying Caterham

Do your UPVC window frames in your Caterham home look like they've seen better days? It happens to all of them, eventually. White UPVC windows are a great innovation, often fitted as standard in new building work, but they have a limited shelf life.

UPVC windows degrade over time due to harmful UV rays from the sun, harsh weather conditions, and mould. When the frames begin to look faded and dull, you have three options: clean them, replace them, or respray them.

Revamp Spray are the people to contact for this last option, and we firmly believe it's the best of the three.

What's So Good About Spray Painting UPVC windows?

Why is UPVC spraying the best option? Firstly, you can scrub your frames as much as you like (be warned, some cleaners and chemicals will cause irreparable damage!) but they rarely look like they did when they were first installed.

You could also replace your UPVC windows and doors, but that costs a fair amount of cash, not to mention the dust, noise, and upheaval of the process.

UPVC window painting offers an excellent alternative, giving you a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement, and without any of the hassle.

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UPVC Window Painters Caterham

With Revamp Spray, your UPVC windows could not be in better hands.

Our UPVC spraying service has improved hundreds of properties, giving a new lease of life to homes, shops, and commercial buildings alike.

UPVC spray painting is what we know best, and it could be exactly what you're looking for.

Like everyone else, you're probably concerned about the rapidly rising cost of living, with bills spiralling ever higher. Here at Revamp Spray, we sympathise with this sentiment wholeheartedly, which is why we will work together to offer an alternative to costly window replacement.

Of course, you could choose to do nothing and leave your UPVC windows as they are. Aside from looking drab and dirty, they will need replacing sooner as the weather starts to cause more damage. Cleaning them may help temporarily, but it never looks that great and it delays the inevitable.

And if you're trying to sell your home, grubby UPVC windows will look unappealing, potentially dropping the value of your home or putting off buyers.

Likewise, if you run a business, you want the exterior of your premises to look its best. A grimy shopfront may well turn customers away, whereas a bright, attractive, clean shopfront entices people in through the door.

We believe that Revamp Spray offers a common-sense solution, not a compromise. You have all the appearance of new UPVC windows without the expense, and your frames are preserved and protected for much longer.

If you need further proof that spray painting your UPVC windows is a sensible option, read on to find out more!

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UPVC Window Spraying: The Benefits

Above all else, the main benefit of UPVC spray painting is its affordability. Whether it's for a home or commercial property such as shops or offices, spray painting UPVC windows and UPVC doors is the best and most cost-effective choice you could possibly make.

When compared with the expense of replacing your windows, you could save between 50 and 70%, possibly as much as 80%.

In addition, there are several other benefits to UPVC spraying:

Quick And Convenient

Revamp Spray specialist UPVC window painters work efficiently and skillfully to complete the job as quickly as possible without compromising the end result. The work is undertaken at your convenience (outside of business hours, for commercial property) and is typically completed within two days. Our staff always aim to cause minimum disruption and inconvenience.

Obviously, the size of the project has an impact on the time taken, and adverse weather conditions may force a change of schedule.

The spray paint we use is specially formulated so that it cures within 24 hours, so there's no need to make certain areas off-limits for very long. Best of all, it's touch dry well before this time.

A Professional Finish

Revamp Spray prides itself on achieving flawless results with every spray painting project. The aim is to provide a factory finish on all UPVC windows, meaning that they appear as if they have just been newly installed. Our clients are often astonished by the results, as the frames look as if they have always been the colour they have been sprayed.

Our highly skilled team of UPVC painters use professional spray painting equipment to provide a top-quality finish. Hand painting can't match UPVC spraying on any level, no matter how good the painter is. You will always notice brush marks if you examine the surface closely.

Many Years Of Protection

As we mentioned above, UPVC windows degrade over the years. Revamp Spray teams up with the best spray paint brands in the trade to ensure that they are tough and durable, resistant to knocks and scrapes of everyday life.

Revamp Spray spray painted window frames will be protected from UV rays and the elements for many years, increasing the lifespan of your windows.

Transform Your Property

The end results of any Revamp Spray spray painting job are truly amazing. Whether it's a house, office or shop, you'll hardly believe the difference once our UPVC window painters have finished.

Perhaps you are rebranding your business or simply desire a makeover for your shopfront. Maybe you want to revitalise the exterior of your home, possibly to boost kerb appeal with a view to selling.

Whatever the reason, UPVC spray painting is the common-sense solution. Now you've seen what UPVC paint spraying can do, we're sure that you'll agree that it's the right choice for you.

Choose Your Own Style

Contemporary or classic, bold or understated, the choice is yours! The range of available colours allows you to create your own style for your home or business premises. Not only does this add character, but it also can add value, making your home an attractive proposition to buyers. For businesses, a fresh, innovative style makes your shopfront more visible and will draw customers in off the street.



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What Colours Are Available?

Basically, we can spray paint your UPVC window in any colour you can imagine!

We can guide you in finding the perfect colour schemes for your UPVC windows to maximise and enhance the effect.

You can give us a clue about which colour you like using our RAL colour chart.

While most houses are fitted with white UPVC windows and doors, these tend to weather quickly, becoming dull and grimy. This is a good excuse to pick a different colour for your UPVC windows. You can go bold, with strong, expressive reds or blues, or you can stick to a classic theme with the understated elegance of dark colours like anthracite grey.

You also get to choose the sheen level, from full gloss to semi-gloss, satin or matte, to get the best effect.



What Is The Procedure?

With Revamp Spray, you can be confident that we'll always carry out a professional job for all our clients when painting UPVC windows. This means that safety comes first, for staff and the general public.

With this in mind, the procedure is as follows:

Safety Check

The first stage of any job is to inspect the site to check for any hazards and to make the working area safe. In a commercial setting, part of the area may be sectioned off to prevent the public from entering the working area. Working at height can be hazardous, so our trained staff will always ensure that it is as safe as possible before proceeding.

Preparing The Surface

This is essential to the success of the project. All surfaces that are to be sprayed are thoroughly cleaned to remove any grease, dead bugs, bird droppings, cobwebs, dirt and mould. The solvent-based cleaner evaporates, leaving a microscopic residue that allows the paint to adhere without the need for a primer. However, Revamp Spray UPVC window sprayers will use their discretion as to whether a primer is required or not.

Any obvious scratches or damaged areas are repaired.

Masking The Work Surface

All areas that are not being spray-painted will be covered using strong polythene sheets and professional quality masking tape. While this might seem a simple task, it must be done absolutely perfectly to get the best finish. The last thing you need is over spray spoiling the finished result.

Covering the glass and other areas accurately is a real skill, contributing to the impression that the window frames have just been fitted rather than spray-painted. Revamp Spray paint spraying specialists are trained on how to mask the area perfectly.

Spray Painting

The Revamp Spray team will then commence spraying your UPVC window frames. The first coat acts as a primer, although an initial primer may be used should it be thought necessary (depending on the surface material).

Your UPVC windows will be spray painted with at least three coats, providing a durable finish that looks amazing and protects the surface from environmental damage.

Final Inspection And Clean Up

Once the paint spraying has been completed, the team will perform a final check to make sure the work is up to standard. They will then remove the masking tape and plastic sheeting and tidy away any equipment.


Our uPVC Spraying Services

We provide a whole range of uPVC spraying services and will offer free professional advice to ensure that only the necessary work will be carried out.
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What Else Do You Spray Paint?

We've mentioned windows, but it doesn't end there.

Revamp Spray paint spraying specialists are trained to deal with all kinds of projects, including:

UPVC doors

Your front door isn't just a means of getting in and out of your house. It's the place where visitors can get a sense of who you are. It says a lot about you as a person and a family. Just think about when you arrive at someone's front door. If it's dirty, drab, or damaged, you form an immediate opinion (rightly or wrongly) about the occupants.

Now imagine your own UPVC door. Never mind what neighbours, family or friends think, when your door looks bright, shiny and new, you feel a sense of happiness and pride every time you see it. If other people love it, then that's a bonus!

Instead of replacing doors, Revamp Spray UPVC door sprayers can make your existing UPVC doors look new, saving you money and the hassle of refitting.

Garage doors

A garage door is a big space, usually positioned to the front of the property. Over the years, they are battered by wind, rain, and intense sunshine. Heavy rain and wind drive tiny pieces of grit into the paintwork, chipping and spoiling the surface.

Because of this, your garage doors will affect the whole atmosphere and character of your house, especially if they are visible from the street.

Revamp Spray garage door sprayers will transform your garage doors, instantly improving the character of your home. You could opt for a colour change, possibly matching it with your windows and doors to tie it in with your house, making the property appear bigger than it is.

What's more, the spray paint will protect it from the worst of the weather for many years.

UPVC Conservatories

A UPVC conservatory is a great addition to most houses, but they don't always age well. Keeping them clean can be a difficult and hazardous task, so they become grimy relatively quickly. We can spray UPVC conservatories in a fresh new colour, bringing them alive once again and protecting the plastic for at least another decade.

Kitchen Resprays

A new-look kitchen is within your reach. UPVC kitchen spraying will completely rejuvenate your kitchen for significantly less than having new cabinets fitted. As with all the other spray painting options, this makes sense. You get flawless results, making your kitchen look better than new, all without the headache of having the old one removed or, more importantly, the financial burden that it brings.

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How Much Does UPVC Spray Painting Cost?

It all depends on the size of the project. Also, we need to factor in things like accessibility. Windows that are difficult to reach may need scaffolding or aerial platforms to provide a safe working environment.

For residential properties, the cost of a window spray would increase if bay windows are included, as these tend to be larger than standard windows.

Revamp Spray offers a comprehensive spray painting service, so you can be sure that we will be able to handle whatever job you have in mind, from UPVC windows, a single UPVC door,

Our main website gives a general idea of what to expect in terms of cost, but we are confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the prices are compared with the alternative.

Once you know precisely what you would like, you can call us with the details and we'll take it from there.


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What To Do Next

Now you've seen what UPVC window spraying can offer, it's time to give us a call to discuss your spray painting needs.

We'll listen to your ideas, give you advice where necessary, and give you a friendly, no-obligation quote. We'll talk with you about colour schemes and help you get the most out of our UPVC spraying services.

So, whether it's UPVC windows, a UPVC door, garage door, your entire house, or even a shopfront, we can help.

Whatever your plan, we'll help you to make the most of your property. Spray painting UPVC windows will enhance your home or business quickly and efficiently. Best of all, it's the most cost-effective method of transforming any building.

UPVC Window Spraying Caterham FAQs

How long do sprayed uPVC windows last?

Sprayed window frames can last more than 10 years which is why we are comfortable providing a 10 year guarantee on our UPVC spraying work.

Is it worth spray painting UPVC windows?

It is worth spray painting a UPVC window because it can cost as little as £150 per window which is substantially cheaper than replacing a window which can cost 2-3 times that amount on the cheaper end.

Can you spray uPVC in winter?

UPVC should not really be painted below 8 degrees celsius because it can hinder the drying process. There is also the risk of morning due which can hinder the final finish but it depends on the project length.

Can you spray wooden window frames?

Yes you can indeed spray paint wooden window frames and it will totally transform the look of your windows and home with a refurbished new feel.

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